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120 Best Poems, Vol-2

ISBN: 978-9395174831

Pages: 172

Total Authors: 10

Genre: Poetry

Mrp: 229/-

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About the Authors

Hello my fellow readers, I am Purvashri Khandelwal a 14-year-old teenager trying to figure out how the world works and during that my escape is writing. My biggest motivation to keep writing is my sister Priyanshi she is 17-year-old and haves a kind and funny personality unlike me who is rather bolder and straight forward but she plays a big role in who I am today and what I will be in the future. urney not only for myself but for my sister also. I hope I aspired you to write something too, At the end I would like to finish this quick intro with a famous quote of Anne Frank "Paper has more patience than people"

Sakina Siyahi, homemaker, mother of two, MA in English literature, diploma in fashion designing ,but writing is something has been a long lost dream....and I am living it...have done few anthologies...learning each day, and it is needed at all phase of life...

Sakina Siyahi


I, Adhavan Arulmozhi S B, am a writer who sugarcoat his thoughts; cause why not? It makes them sound better, doesn’t it? I want to share my thoughts to the world to process it the way it deems fit. After all, to ponder, my passion, is a luxury I have to afford. I am known as the_endless_voyage01 in Instagram. My signature writing style is one-liners. Thank you.

I'm a proud poet at heart and a Civil Engineer by trade. A passionate poet who loves to express his life through words. Nothing in this world makes me happier than writing about my inner emotions. I started writing when I was in 5th grade in my native language, Malayalam, then switched to English so that my works would reach a widespread audience.



I am, Samna, a writer but adore the title 'poet' preferably. I live in Kerala. If books are my place to escape from the realities of life, writing is my canvas to portray them. I am a happy person but my writings are of dark emotions. I have been writing on social media platforms for about five years in English and Malayalam. And I am a co-author of two anthologies of English poems.

I, Adhavan Arulmozhi S B, am a writer who sugarcoat his thoughts; cause why not? It makes them sound better, doesn’t it? I find myself in you, In pieces, All at once!! I write poems to embrace myself to the world and I would like to be the voices of so many unheard and muted faces...I like to endorse so many thoughts and make u think twice before you act...The thing of beauty lies within my words is what I believe!! I do!! Pen name – Ms.Poetaster_28 My signature writing style is one-liners. Thank you.

Sayan Roy was born in Kolkata, India and he still lives in the same city.. He is a physiotherapist by studies but chose to work as a writer right from the beginning of his career. He left his allied medical practice because he chose to write - the thing which has been his close companion for life. He is a professional content writer and researcher for 5 years. Sayan also enjoys watching a lot of movies of different languages and genres. He also likes to do a bit of philanthropy whatever and whenever is possible.

Sayan Roy


Mehak Sarna, a talented and an aspiring 16-year-old poet, was born on June 9, 2007. Currently studying at Mamta Modern Sr. Sec. School in Vikaspuri, New Delhi. Her poems are a testament to her exceptional ability to express emotions in a captivating and beautiful manner. Alongside her passion for poetry, she nurtures a dream of becoming a neurologist in the future, showcasing her determination and ambition. For a glimpse into her unique way of articulating feelings, one must delve into her debut book, "The Bouquet of Emotions" and " Spills of Life "

Mehak Sarna


Kasturi Sinha is a lovable Professor, thoughtful writer and a passionate blogger of this twenty-first century. She did her M.Phil. and M.A. in English Literature and is a promising young voice in the realm of modern poetry and creative writing who also has few books on her credit. Her poems, stories and articles are vividly appreciated on various platforms and are also published in different journals and anthologies across the Nation.

Kasturi Sinha


Hardik Jain, The WORLD RECORD HOLDER hailing from the Indore, is currently pursuing his MBA in Finance from AMITY UNIVERSITY. He possesses a deep passion for writing and is a poet at heart. Hardik Jain has co-authored more than 80 anthologies. His creative expressions have even found a place in the local newspaper, "Indore Samachar Patra." Currently, he has compiled his debut book titled "WISDOM’s LEGACY: A TEACHER’s DAY GIFT," where he skillfully collaborates with fellow authors.

Hardik Jain

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