120 Best Poems, Vol-3

ISBN: 978-9395174886

Pages: 145

Total Authors: 10

Genre: Poetry

Mrp: 229/-

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About the Authors

Sandilya is a full time PhD student, and a part time writer. Although she hails from Delhi, her roots lie in multiple states of India, and she is a polyglot. She draws her inspiration from anything and everything, from Taylor Swift songs to Instagram art. On the down low, she is a big fan of thrillers and science fiction. Her aim in life is to create something new in healthcare that helps people. You can find more of her work on the Instagram profile @mypoemscorner.



Dear readers, These poems are not just poems but reflections of whatever, I think. I tried to put those conspicuous as well as abstract thoughts into words hoping you all to relate with it more than cherishing it. Being a teen, I think other thoughtful teens and young people, who are in love or despair would find these poems relatable. I trust broken people would perceive me more cause broken are the more evolved. Thanks to the publishing house for publishing my blasphemy. Lastly, these poems are dedicated to 'Miss L.S'- inspiration of all my poems.



I am Sushama Raj from Kerala India. I am a Indian Writer, Certified Career Counsellor and Student Coach. I am the author of the book “BRAND YOU” which talks about redefining yourself. I am also awarded the LITRARY STAR AWARD 2023 organised by Cosmic Inception Publisher. I have been featured in Interview Times as Top 10 writers of India 2023. I also write articles related to mental health.



Tarun Bandarupalle is a content writer, author, freelancer, published writer, poet, and co-author and a huge music lover. Music is the secret behind his creativity in expressing feelings and opinions with pen and paper. A blogger who constantly helps in creating awareness among the public regarding various topics and is the author of three books. co-author of 20+ books. An aspiring writer who loves to learn day in and day out for constant growth received awards like Indian Prime Minister Icon 2021 as an author and Spectrum as a budding writer.



Embark on a captivating journey with Preethy Uthup, a financial consultant turned author and poet. Through the mastery of words and thoughts, she paints a tapestry of vibrant hues, creating a world that transports you to realms where emotions, people, and nature intertwine. Experience the magic of her storytelling as you delve into a realm that proves reading and experiencing always surpasses the confines of the virtual world. 

Preethy Uthup


Hardik Jain, The WORLD RECORD HOLDER hailing from the Indore, is currently pursuing his MBA in Finance from AMITY UNIVERSITY. He possesses a deep passion for writing and is a poet at heart. Hardik Jain has co-authored more than 80 anthologies. His creative expressions have even found a place in the local newspaper, "Indore Samachar Patra." Currently, he has compiled his debut book titled "WISDOM’s LEGACY: A TEACHER’s DAY GIFT," where he skilfully collaborates with fellow authors.

Hardik Jain


Syed Anwar Razvi is a young poet from Kashmir, He belongs to Ganderbal. He believes there are endless highways as soon as you approach the city of doing and when you enter into the city of doing the roads never end. The city of sentiments, ideas, and expressions. He is constantly looking for the hidden paths that poetry explores. Being from that part of earth, so called paradise (Jannat - e - Banazir) He used to lost himself in the valley so to explore and express his affections.

Swetha K is an avid reader and writer from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Currently, she is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology from VIT, Vellore. Creativity has always been something that she has prioritized, regardless of what she does. Her journey into poetry began when she was fourteen, and it quickly became something she developed a healthy addiction to. It helped her formulate her thoughts better and temporarily veered her away from life's constant buzz.

Swetha K


Albert Valuvettickal is a dedicated seminarian hailing from the Archdiocese of Thalassery in Kerala. He possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy, which he acquired at the prestigious Little Flower Institute of Philosophy and Religion in Aluva. Presently, he is deeply engrossed in regency duties within the Archdiocese of Thalassery. His unwavering commitment to his faith and the Archdiocese is mirrored in his academic accomplishments and wholehearted dedication.



Runjhun Tomar is a promising young author who has a passion for weaving tales and sharing compelling real-life stories through the written words. Currently pursuing graduation from Dayanand Arya Kanya degree college, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh Runjhun started writing at a very early age with an imagination that knows no bounds and a deep curiosity about the world, she has found her calling in the dual realms of fiction and non-fiction. In her fiction works, Runjhun transports readers to enchanting worlds of her own creation, where vibrant characters embark on extraordinary journeys. Her storytelling is marked by rich narratives, intricate plots, and a unique ability to draw readers into the heart of her tales. Whether crafting intricate fantasy realms, painting vibrant historical landscapes, or exploring the human condition in contemporary settings, Runjhun captivates audiences with her storytelling prowess.

Runjhun Tomar