120 Best Poems, Vol-4

ISBN: 978-8196731915

Pages: 157

Total Authors: 10

Genre: Poetry

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About the Authors

Myself paulson In the world of eighteen | Just a guy livin' life I like TicTac (red apple flavor)



Hardik Jain, The WORLD RECORD HOLDER hailing from the Indore, is currently pursuing his MBA in Finance from AMITY UNIVERSITY. He possesses a deep passion for writing and is a poet at heart. Currently, he has compiled his debut book titled "WISDOM’s LEGACY: A TEACHER’s DAY GIFT," where he skillfully collaborates with fellow authors. Additionally, He has published his first ever solo book, “MOTHERHOOD UNVEILED: LIFE, LOVE, AND STRUGGLES”, which is a literary masterpiece that captures the essence of motherhood in all its glorious complexities, leaving readers with a deeper appreciation for the incredible journey of being a mother, which he dedicated to all the beloving MOTHERS in the UNIVERSE.

Hardik Jain


Dr. Sridevi Soundirarajan, known as Sridevi K.J. Sharmirajan, is an Indian professional with BE ECE, MBA And MA (YOGA FOR HUMAN EXCELLENCE) degrees. She got the honorary doctorate award in the field of LITERATURE from ICONIC PEACE AWARD COUNCIL. She's a diverse talent—a Bharatanatyam Dancer, Certified Yoga Teacher, Author, Podcaster, Youtuber, and Artist. Fond of romantic comedy, mythological, fantasy, and historical genres, Sridevi aims to captivate readers' imaginations. "POSITIVE INFINITY," her first poetry book, clinched the GOLDEN BOOK AWARDS 2023, INTERNATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD 2023, and 21st CENTURY EMILY DICKINSON AWARD.

I don’t know why I am writing this poem I don’t know for whom I am writing this Does this love exist or its just the universe I Am living in… Or its just little heaven I am creating for the One! Or the peace I have been through! Or I am just a piece of poetry! That someone likes to read it!

Hardik Madhu


When emotions keep bottling up inside your soul, it oozes out in the form of art. And that art is poetry. Poetry is her way of expressing what she feels. It's the launguage, her emotions speak.

“Exhilarating the beginning of love to the Poignant sadness of parting” Hidden in the shadows, And haunted by echoes Recognising the hold to fit in jigsaw was not worth, Serving every single piece to find some peace; Hard to accept but it mends the wounds within, I felt I was falling apart, Despite, I kept it pushing with a strong heart And one fine day I found my light back to life.

Manogna Boppudi the author of “Voices of The Unheard” has been a part of various anthologies for a long time. She believes writing for her is a way of expressing her feelings. Instagram ID: winter_wanderlost

I'm a proud poet at heart and a Civil Engineer by trade. A passionate poet who loves to express his life through words. Nothing in this world makes me happier than writing about my inner emotions. I started writing when I was in 5th grade in my native language, Malayalam, then switched to English so that my works would reach a widespread audience.



Arun Nagappan, a 14-year-old living in Tamil Nadu, India This anthology is the contribution of his 3rd work. He has written a novel and a set of poems known as Language of Leaves. These poems below are written beautifully. A few words from the author. I wrote these 12 poems concerned with love, nature, and Life. The 3 most important topics this world talks about. I talked about the definition of life and destruction of nature, and the choice of love. Some people may not like it.



JAIN ALANKODE is a passionate Indian poet, who hails from Malappuram district in Kerala, with over a decade of writing poems in both Malayalam and English. He is a professionally trained teacher with a Master’s degree in English Literature. As an enthusiastic educator, he has employed in the position of Assistant professor and High school teacher having more than fifteen years of experience in various schools and colleges in the southern states of India. Natural elements are enticing symbols in his poems. His poems have been published in different magazines and newspapers, and he co-authored for anthologies of English poems.

Jain Alankode


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