120 Best Poems, Vol-5

ISBN: 978-8196731977

Pages: 168

Total Authors: 10

Genre: Poetry

Mrp: 249/-

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About the Authors

Hardik Jain, The WORLD RECORD HOLDER hailing from the Indore, is currently pursuing his MBA in Finance from AMITY UNIVERSITY. He possesses a deep passion for writing and is a poet at heart. Currently, he has compiled his debut book titled "WISDOM’s LEGACY: A TEACHER’s DAY GIFT," where he skillfully collaborates with fellow authors. Additionally, He has published his first ever solo book, “MOTHERHOOD UNVEILED: LIFE, LOVE, AND STRUGGLES”, which is a literary masterpiece that captures the essence of motherhood in all its glorious complexities, leaving readers with a deeper appreciation for the incredible journey of being a mother, which he dedicated to all the beloving MOTHERS in the UNIVERSE.

Hardik Jain


Nalin Rai is a development professional who believes in the ethos that through the writing the ordinary must be celebrated as the extraordinary takes care for themselves. He has been in the business of writing for more than three decades and have written on diversified topics pertaining to business, economics, culture, art etc. He is the author of three books namely: 1. Why I Run: An Exhilarating Saga of Alpana Agarwal 2. Love and Pain: Four Letter words, but different manifestations 3. Milestone Beckons

Nalin Rai


I'm a proud poet at heart and a Civil Engineer by trade. A passionate poet who loves to express his life through words. Nothing in this world makes me happier than writing about my inner emotions. I started writing when I was in 5th grade in my native language, Malayalam, then switched to English so that my works would reach a widespread audience.



Myself paulson In the world of eighteen | Just a guy livin' life I like TicTac (red apple flavor)



Madhura Dethe is a B2B content writer by profession and a poet. She holds a Master’s degree in English Literature and is passionate for writing, reading, trekking, and dance. Her first poetry collection “Beautiful and Other Poems” is available on Amazon and Flipkart.

Madhura Dethe


He is a very good poet from Alipurduar, West Bengal and contributed to various anthologies before. He is a B.A Graduate from University of North Bengal and have interest in Wildlife Photography and Philosophy. He is an established co Writer and Worked with anthologies by Spot Write publication, The Quill House and The Venom Vally Publication etc.

The writer is currently pursuing his teaching career and the write has published his book The Secret Key which won literary awards and received nomination under various categories and has co authored in various books. The writer sees literature and art as an escape from tragic charades of real life. 

Kavisha is an accomplished author known for her captivating storytelling and insightful narratives. Kavisha's literary works often explore themes of identity, resilience, and the human experience, making her a distinguished voice in contemporary literature. Kavisha's dedication to her craft is evident in the meticulous research and thoughtful exploration of themes that permeate her writings.

Hey there people I am Avirup you all can call me Avi. Why do I write? Cause words are all I have left to express myself in this world. We all express ourselves in a way or other some choose art forms, some sports and other different ways. I write to let go of myself, to feel at one with the universe and to connect to people who feel the same as I do. Besides writing I love listening to music and cooking.

Jiel Narvekar is an HR professional for close to 2 decades. She is a passionate problem solver, change maker and innovation seeker who keeps an eye on the big picture. Her expertise in talent acquisition and people development coupled with her passion for facilitation and coaching make her proficient in the areas of business communication, coaching, public speaking, and people engagement.

Jiel Narvekar


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