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About the Authors

Hi. I’m Dipti Wale I stay in Goa. I have been writing poems since the age of 10. I like to express my thoughts through poems. It has always been my dream to have my work published and my content is read by a large number of people.

Dipti Wale


Kasturi Sinha is a thoughtful writer and a passionate blogger of this twenty-first century. She did her M.Phil. and M.A. in English Literature and is a promising young voice in the realm of modern poetry and creative writing who also has few books on her credit. Her poems, stories and articles are vividly appreciated on various platforms and are also published in different journals and anthologies across the Nation. She is currently pursuing her studies as a PhD Scholar in the department of English, Ravenshaw University, Cuttack.

Kasturi Sinha


I find myself in you, In pieces, All at once!! I write poems to embrace myself to the world and I would like to be the voices of so many unheard and muted faces...I like to endorse so many thoughts and make u think twice before you act...The thing of beauty lies within my words is what I believe!! I do!! 

Seerat Kaur is a writer, poet, and holistic lifestyle blogger & she has a flair for writing on societal dynamics. She is a budding author and has a Master's degree in Food processing & technology with several awards & gold medals to her credit. She has been bestowed with Director General & ISRO merit Awards for her academic excellence and has bagged many Innovation awards for her research work in various National and International conventions & student startup policy, Government of Gujarat.

I am Muhammad Abrar, son of Abdul Gaffar Tikki. I find joy in sculpting my thoughts into written expression. I am a teacher by profession, dedicated to both education and the art of storytelling. Passionate about nurturing young minds, my journey as a teacher has fueled my desire to convey ideas through the written word. With a unique blend of scientific knowledge from my B.Sc. in Biology and educational expertise from B.Ed., I embark on this literary adventure to share insights and inspire other.

Greetings, I'm R. Rahul Prasath, an 18-year-old, proud to call Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India my home. Over the past four years, my poetic journey has unfolded I've been on a creative exploration, using my verses to showcase the world from my unique perspective. It brings me immense joy to share my creations, offering glimpses of the world through the lens of my passion and imagination. Contact: youbootubee@gmail.com

Rahul Prasath


Dr. Sridevi Soundirarajan, known as Sridevi K.J. Sharmirajan, is an Indian professional with BE ECE, MBA and MA (YOGA FOR HUMAN EXCELLENCE) degrees. She got the honorary doctorate award in the field of LITERATURE from ICONIC PEACE AWARD COUNCIL.She is a Bharatanatyam dancer, a certified yoga teacher, an author, a podcaster, a youtuber, and an artist."POSITIVE INFINITY," her first poetry book, clinched the GOLDEN BOOK AWARDS 2023, INTERNATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD 2023, and 21st CENTURY EMILY DICKINSON AWARD.

Hey, I'm Preeti Shah, an experienced forensic graphologist, content writer, blogger, and brand building strategist working passionately to transform blogs into brands with SEO-driven, engaging, and cost-effective content solutions. I have a BSc (H) in Physics from Miranda House, Delhi University; a Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic Graphology; and a Questioned Document and Fingerprint Examination from SIFS India, Delhi. Currently, I have teamed up with Dr. Ranjeet Singh, CEO and founder of SIFS India, and lend my services to his personal and business websites, blogs, and social media accounts.

Preeti Shah


"A Sunflower amid the Roses". Poompavai K - A Woman - An Indian. She is a Writer, occasional poet, amateur photographer, nature lover, hobbyist artist, and crafter. She was a theatrical artist during her college days. She enacted thirteen English plays and a Tamil play. She started to write in 2013. Her first poem was published in the anthology called "Footprints." She contributed essays, short stories, and poems to college magazines. She published her research articles in Lang lit, Roots, and other literary journals. She was one of the authors in Corsage, Magnolia, and a few monthly editions of online magazines. She was featured in Unicorn magazine and People's Reflection. She was honoured with the award "Amrita Pritam Memorial Prize for Literature and Personality" in 2023.

Poompavai K


This is Simra khan, pursuing English honors from the University of Delhi, Indraprastha College for Women. I’m currently in my second year and have a passion for writing. My writings generally include random mind striking quotations and sometimes poems. My keen interest is in these two mainly. My writings do not follow any direction or particular genre, but they come out of something called ‘different from the rest’. I do not choose particular topics like nature, horror, gothic, mystery, romanticism etc. I choose what my mind wants to choose. I believe in writing simply but enthusiastically. I also believe that writing should not be this much complex that it bypasses the comprehensive ability of the readers. So, I keep my matter simple and with depth of interpretations. Mostly my writings will contain elements of sadness or written in gloom, but that is when I’m on high on writing and outpouring all that I have inside, just by a little bit of glorification.

Simra Khan


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