120 Best Poems, Vol-1

ISBN: 978-93-95174-92-3

Pages: 165

Total Authors: 10

Genre: Poetry

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About the Authors

Ananya is a 17-year old teenager. She has been brought up in Delhi and is currently living in Bihar along with her family. She is Class 12 and looks forward to have a career in medical sciences. Many of her poems have been published on various prestigious platforms. Recently she published her first anthology titled “Into the arms of mother nature”. Singing is Ananya’s first love but she has a passion for writing too. She has a holistic outlook on life and likes to write her feelings in the form of poetry.



Akshay Kumar Singh is an MA English student at MSU Baroda, Gujarat, known for his dedication to English language research. As a co-author of the anthology "Echoes of the Unheard," his work reflects a deep understanding of literary themes. He has also made significant contributions to academia with a research paper published in an international journal. In addition, he shares his language expertise as an IELTS and French language Instructor.

Hello, I am Devanshi Bhure and I am currently studying Food Technology. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies and that is what got me to try writing too. I started writing poems in lock down and slowly poetry became a form for me to convey emotions I generally avoid talking about. Hoping you love reading all my poems. Thank you.

I'm a proud poet at heart and a Civil Engineer by trade. A passionate poet who loves to express his life through words. Nothing in this world makes me happier than writing about my inner emotions. I started writing when I was in 5th grade in my native language, Malayalam, then switched to English so that my works would reach a widespread audience.



In her spare time, she looked for the books & stars for the company Email: azrashaheen1947@gmail.com

Hi, My Name is Shriparna Nandi. I come from Chandannagar, West Bengal, India. I'm 21 and currently a university student. Writing is my passion. I discovered this talent in me all of a sudden during the lockdown days and since then I've never one day left it. This is me presenting my heart out to you with my 12 most precious treasures. I hope you feel the same emotions I've experienced while writing them, and I hope you get to love and cherish them, the same way I do.Thank you.

Sunder Rajan has been writing for a number of years now and writes poetry as well as other genres, in both English and Hindi. Being a keen observer of Life, he finds our journey and the resultant experiences extremely fascinating. Along with this is the interesting play of human dynamics and interactions. These are the diverse aspects that he captures through his writing. He writes about Love and Giving, Human nature and Divinity, as also Spirituality and Philosophy, among many others. In fact, he writes about every aspect of our life and existence that a thinking mind is touched by.

Sunder Rajan


Books have held a special place in my heart, serving as both my inspiration and refuge. From the quiet classrooms to the limitless realms of creativity, my journey as a writer has been an evolving exploration of thoughts and emotions. In my poems, I aim to capture life's vivid colors, offering solace and inspiration. Fueled by unwavering curiosity, I explore the vast canvas of human experience. Creativity and curiosity are my guiding lights, leading me to discover beauty within and around us.



Myself Pranshi Aswani, Currently a college student aged 19. Born & bought in Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh. I wrote my first poem in 2021 with a very silly reason poems because of that one triangle I fell in and end up getting my heart broke because he chose one of my best friend. And because of that I kept writing poems (hidden in my notes) to express myself, to connect with others and to keep stress and anxiety away from Myself.

Dreamer who screams through her writings. Mail-id: arshisyed881@gmail.com

Arshiya Syed

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