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Affiliate partners can earn up to 15k-20k per month by actively working with us. Before signing up the affiliate form kindly read all the terms & conditions mentioned this page.


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Before filling this form please read out all the terms and conditions on this page

    Terms & Conditions

    To become an affiliate, you have to follow the terms and conditions given below, otherwise you will not be able to participate in this program.

    This affiliate program is not a job nor does it give any guarantee.

    Who is an affiliate:

    An affiliate introduces our services and packages and helps to sell them to the authors who are interested in publishing a book. Keeping the necessary information related to Book Publishing Affiliates clears all the doubts of the authors. All the necessary information related to Book Publishing is given by Manda Publishers to the Affiliates.


    • For every successful referral, you will get a flat 15% commission on the total package price.
    • You will be given an additional 3% bonus for referring more than or equivalent to 3 authors in a month. That is, your total profit will be 18% on every referral.
    • You will be given an additional 5% bonus for referring more than or equivalent to 5 authors in a month. That is, your profit will be 20% on every referral.
    • Your referral code/name must be shared by the author with us otherwise your referral will not be counted.
    • It will be your responsibility to provide the author complete information about all the services of the publisher and no false claims of any kind should be made, otherwise your referral will not be counted and your referral account will be suspended.
    • There is no limit to referring any number of authors you can refer and earn a commission.

    What to call yourself

    • As we have multiple ways to partner with Manda Publishers and several ways to reference those relationships, here are some guidelines around what you can and cannot call yourself within the Manda Affiliate Program.
    • Do: Say you’re a “Manda Marketing Affiliate” or “Marketing Affiliate”.
    • Do Not: Refer to yourself as an Employee, Partner or that you’ve “partnered with Manda  Publishers .” This includes press releases, references in videos, listings on your website, Social Media Handles, or in any other marketing material you may be using. If we found you using these words your affiliate account will be suspended.

    If you ever need anything else or have questions, feel free to reach out to the team at

    About the company

    Manda Publishers is a self-publishing company that provides book publishing services and sells published books in more than 90 countries. At Manda Publishers, trust and quality are placed on priority and our focus is on building trustful and effective relationships. Our professional employees with their precise knowledge and experience make it easy for the authors to publish the book safely and do the best quality work. There is complete transparency of every work, nothing remains hidden. Authors are kept informed of every important information they should know. From cover designing, formatting to printing every work is done with care and in perfect quality to provide a better experience to both the author and the reader. Manda Publishers publishes books in all categories like Poetry, Novel, Short Stories, Educational, Competitive, Religious etc. Books can be published in any language.