Big Promotional Event

Manda Publishers invites you to participate in its BIg Promotional Event starting from 23rd March 2022.

Participate in the event and increase your book sales by 10x.

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    About the Event

    The Big Promotional Event is starting from 23rd March. With this event, our aim is to promote our authors and their books as much as possible and help in increasing the sales of the book.

    How to Participate?

    • Create a video of yourself narrating content from your published book.
    • Before starting narrating your content introduce your book first. For I.e I am presenting one of my creations from my book [book name] published by Manda Publishers.
    • Keep in mind that the video should be in portrait mode and should be of good clarity.  Video must not be longer than 1 minute.
    • While recording the video, choose a good background and record the video in presence of good light.
    • Your voice should be clear and your words should be understandable.
    • Follow all the instructions to qualify for the event.
    What this event covers?
    Our motive behind doing this event is to promote our authors and their book as much as possible. Your sent video will be posted on all our social media handles and an advertisement will also be run for it. Doing this can increase the sales of your book.

    *manda publishers don’t guarantee any particular sales or profit from this event to the author.  Its just an effort by the company to help authors promote their books.