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15 Pages of

To contribute to our anthology, you are allotted 15 pages within the book for your content and author introduction.

2 Complimentary

Upon publication of the anthology, you will receive two printed author copies of the book, dispatched to you via courier for your possession.

Appreciation Award

As a token of appreciation for your contributions, we will bestow upon you a trophy and a framed certificate, acknowledging your efforts and dedication.

Bookmarks &

Exquisitely crafted bookmarks and postcards, thoughtfully designed to elevate the aesthetic appeal of the book included to enrich your reading experience.

Book Selling

The book will be unveiled and made available for purchase across prominent online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Manda Store, Kindle etc.

70% Royalty

In recognition of your merit, you are entitled to receive 70% of the profits generated from the book as a testament to your invaluable contributions.

Many other benefits included as well like author web page, personalised solo book publishing support, express publishing of anthology within 20-25 days.

A Process That Doesn't Bother

A four Step Publishing Process.

Submit your content and pay participation cost
Cross check the final files before printing and approve
Book will be published and launched across various platforms
You will get your author kit delivered at your doorstep.


Most frequently asked questions about our anthology programme.

How to participate in your anthology

Kindly submit your content via the provided form on this page, accompanied by your author introduction, author picture, and Instagram handle. Following submission, you will be seamlessly redirected to the participation fee payment page, where remittance of the fee is required to confirm your participation in the anthology.

What type of content do you accept?

We embrace a diverse range of original content, spanning poetry, short stories, lyrics, articles, and quotes authored solely by contributors. Rest assured, we uphold the highest standards of integrity by refraining from publishing any pirated material.

How many languages do you accept

We accept submissions in English and Hindi Languages.

Is there any word limit for content

There is no word limit up to 15 pages. The total content should not exceed 15 pages, with each page accommodating either an 18-line poem or a 250-word story.

What is participation cost

The participation cost serves as a publishing fee, facilitating the allocation of resources necessary for the successful execution of this project and ensuring the provision of author benefits tailored to enhance your publishing experience.

How much time will it take to publish the anthology

It will take minimum 20 and maximum 40 days to launch publish the book.

Where book will be available for purchase after publishing

The book will be unveiled and made available for purchase across a multitude of prominent online platforms, including but not limited to Amazon, Flipkart, Manda Store, and Kindle, ensuring widespread accessibility and visibility to readers worldwide.

How i will get profit from book sales

Within 15 days post-publication, we will provide you with access to a meticulously integrated author dashboard, granting you comprehensive insights into book sales, progression, and accrued profits. From this intuitive platform, you can effortlessly withdraw your earnings to your preferred payment method, ensuring convenience and transparency in financial transactions.

When and how i will receive complimentary copies and appreciation award

Upon book's publication, we will promptly dispatch to your designated address two complimentary author copies, along with appreciation awards, exquisitely crafted bookmarks, and laminated postcards, enriching your literary journey with tangible tokens of recognition and beauty.

Can is submit previously published content for your anthology

You are cordially invited to submit your previously authored and published content for inclusion in our anthology. While originality is paramount, there is no prerequisite for submitting newly created or unpublished material; however, it is imperative that all submissions exclusively feature your own original work.

Who will have the rights on my published content

You retain full ownership rights to the content published in our anthologies. Your creative works are yours to utilize as you see fit, without the need for any further permissions from our end, affording you complete autonomy over your literary endeavors.

Book will be published in which formats

The book will be released in both paperback and ebook formats, offering readers the flexibility to engage with its contents in their preferred medium.

Is there any hidden charges after participation fee

Following the participation fee, there are no hidden charges; a one-time payment of Rs.999 grants you publication access and entitles you to receive your comprehensive author kit.

How many writers will contribute to an anthology

We have curated an anthology featuring the contributions of 10 esteemed writers. Each writer has received equitable benefits, both in terms of participation rewards and the proceeds generated from sales, ensuring a fair and balanced distribution of benefits across all contributors.


Read the instructions before submitting your content

  1. Fill all the details carefully. 
  2. Always cross check entered details before submitting.
  3. There are 14 fields for your content. If you have poetries kindly submit 1 poetry in each field.
  4. If you have story/article to submit kindly submit 1 story/article in each field.
  5. Always give your content a heading.
  6. Complete the payment after submitting your content to confirm your participation.
  7. You have to submit all of your content in a single submission. Multiple submissions are not allowed.
  8. If anything else is required project compiler will connect with you via email or whatsapp.

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