Pourings of the Heart

ISBN: 978-8196731939

Pages: 127

Total Authors: 10

Genre: Quotes

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About the Authors

Name: - Pradeep Kumar Verma Email id: - verma.pradeep16@gmail.com

Myself Paulson In the world of eighteen | Just a guy livin' life I like Tic-tac (red apple flavor)



I Hafsa Siddiqua, by profession Acupuncturist and by passion I’m a writer. I love writing as it gives me the way to remove all my emotions out of my heart in the form of words. In the year 2009 I wrote my first poetry, when I was in 5th std. In the year 2022 I publish my first book of poetry collection by name “Alfaaz Nahi Ehsaas Hain Ye “ The writing is the only way to be calm and peaceful for me.

Hello, I'm Sana Fatma, I am deeply enthusiastic about the realms of literature. Since my early years, I have found solace, inspiration, and endless fascination within the pages of books. One of my most cherished passions is writing poetry. It's through the art of poetry that I find a creative outlet to express my thoughts, emotions, and observations about the world around me. Whether it's the beauty of nature, the complexities of human emotions, or the wonders of life, I enjoy weaving words into verses to capture the essence of those moments.

Hi. I’m Dipti Wale. I stay in Goa. I have been writing poems since the age of 10. I like to express my thoughts through poems. It has always been my dream to have my work published and that my content is read by a large number of people.

Dipti Wale


I'm Noorsleha, a passionate high school student who finds solace in the art of words and the profound emotions they encapsulate. With great excitement, I present my debut work, a collection that delves into the intricate tapestry of human experiences. My work covers themes that touch the very core of our existence: betrayal, love, the loss of family bonds, and the enigmatic journey of self-love.

A Post graduate specialized in Finance and an International Banker Through out my professional career of 18 years. The urge of doing something of my own has always kept me striving through the dreams and the reality check, and the roller coaster journey is for real.

Kavita Batra


Starting her life with Methodist school of Philosophy in her alma mater, Calcutta Girls’ High School, she later went on to complete her Bachelor in English with scholarship from Amity University, Kolkata. Ms. Neogy has recently completed her Master degree at Shri Shikshayatan College, Calcutta University. She has also completed her Post-Graduate Content Writing Program from Henry Harvin Education. She simultaneously underwent an English Composition Course under the tutelage of Duke University. Apart from this, she completed a Copywriting and Proofreading course from Lancaster University.

Dishari Neogy


I am Navneet Kaur from Uttar Pardesh district mujaffarnagar. I have completed my education. I m outgoing typ person. My hobbies are writing poems shayaries, listen music, cooked food as well as playing cricket. and I like to help needy person. If I talk about motives of my writing, it's not any particular things who inspire me for writing its only some good Nd bad days which I feel and see. Whenever I free lonely I like to write as well as I usually spend my time with diary. I love to express my feelings through writing Nd I want to published poems Nd it's my first Anthology book. Well, I write in Hindi and Punjabi also.

Nav Sandhu


Keshav Bhanot is a passionate bibliophile, an accomplished academic scholar, and a devoted writer with a deep appreciation for the written word. Holding a meritorious scholarship for his PGDM, Keshav's academic journey has been marked by excellence, including securing the top position during his graduation at Delhi University and achieving a first rank in Marketing specialization during his MBA.

Keshav Bhanot


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