10+2 CBSE Biology: A Student’s Handbook


Author: Manas Ranjan Barik

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1. Comprehensive coverage of all topics in the CBSE 10+2 biology curriculum.
2. Engaging and easy-to-understand language to help students grasp complex concepts.
3. In-depth explanations and illustrations to aid understanding and retention of information.
4. Practice questions and exercises at the end of each chapter to reinforce learning.
5. Emphasis on the practical aspects of biology through experiments and activities.
6. Integration of modern technologies and latest research findings in the field of biology.
7. Coverage of environmental issues and their impact on living organisms.
8. Integration of real-life examples and case studies to make learning more relatable and applicable.
9. Incorporation of cross-disciplinary topics such as biotechnology, genetics, and evolution.
10. Regular updates and revisions to ensure relevance and accuracy of information.

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Genre: NCERT Biology book for 12th class
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