Basic Abnormal Psychology


Author: Dr. Kiran Srivastava | Dr. Lalit Kumar Singh

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This Abnormal Psychology book focuses on DSM-5 and current ugragdation of ICD-11. This revision of the diagnostic system was published in 2013 which made these inclusion a must for the book . To assist both instructors and students specialised feature boxes highlight key changes in DSM-5. Anxiety disorder, characteristics, symptoms, etiology, treatment approaches have been discussed in detail.

The book also includes other important changes in DSM-5 and ICD-11 throughout the text for keeping students ahead the curve and providing them with the most up -to-date information.  The book consist specific chapters describing the neuro-chemical, basis of psychological disturbances, genetics and hormonal basis of mental disorders would help the readers to understand the causal factors of the psychiatric intricacies behind mental illness in a simplified manner. This book consist detailed discussion on psychological testings. Different test and assessment tools related to intelligence assessment, personality, neuro-psychological area have been discussed in detail which would clear the reader’s understanding. While discussing existential themes, current war situations between Russia and Ukrain have been used in context of themes, theories and approaches to stimulate reader and present more authentic and actual case scenario like condition.

The text is designed to keep readers engaged through references and case studies that illustrate mental health problems addressed in the chapter. Inclusion of cultural issues and diversity in India makes it more specific for Indian diaspora.


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