Sociology for Learners – Volume 1


Author: Rakesh Rai | Sociology For Learner’s (Based On New Education Policy 2020) has been conceived as a textbook in order to accommodate the requirements within the subject of Sociology as a result of NEP 2020. `

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The textbook provides a basic knowledge of Sociology to new learners, especially those from other interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary domains. This book covers all the major and minor Sociology papers as per NEP 2020 such as Basic Introduction to Sociology, Sociological Theories, Classical Sociological Thinkers, Rural Sociology, Political Sociology, Social Stratification, Sociology of Law, Sociology of Deviance and Crime, Sociology of Change and Development, Indian Society Structure and Change, among others. The textbook consists of fifteen chapters. The first chapter talks about the emergence of Sociology in Europe, scope and relationship with other Social Sciences. The second chapter focuses on the emergence and development of Sociology in India. The third chapter discusses the Basic Concepts of Sociology: Society and Culture, Community, Social Institutions, Status, Role, Social Aggregate, Association, Social Group, Organisation, Social Interaction, Social Processes. The fourth and fifth chapters are important chapters focusing on Sociological Perspectives and Social Stratification respectively. Chapters six and seven discuss in detail Rural Sociology and its aspects, plus State Intervention and Rural Transformation. The eighth chapter goes into details about the Political Process in India: Role of Caste, Religion, Role of Regionalism and Language in Indian Politics, Pressure Groups, and Interest Groups; Nature, Bases, Political Significance. Chapter nine continues this discussion by talking about Sociology of Politics, Power, Authority, Leadership, Bureaucracy, Political Parties, Political Socialization, Political Mobilization, Public Opinion, Role of Mass Media.

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