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About this Programme

Join our program to make top-notch books accessible to all! Whether you’re a writer, avid reader, or social media enthusiast you can start earning by reviewing books. You don’t need to be a professional reviewer – just bring your passion for literature. Dive into a diverse array of genres and share your valuable feedback. Embrace fiction, non-fiction, or any genre that sparks your interest.

Your reviews will help readers discover new books and support authors. Plus, leverage your social media presence to amplify the reach of our books and engage in lively discussions online.

Let’s unite in celebrating the magic of storytelling and ensure that exceptional books find their way into the hands of eager readers everywhere.

Join us on this enriching journey and be a part of our vibrant community of book lovers.

Elibility & Requirements

Fill the required details to get enrolled in this programme

Upon completion and submission of your form, our internal team will meticulously review your application. Following a comprehensive assessment, a decision will be reached. In the event of your selection, communication will be extended through either a phone call or e-mail. Your patience is appreciated, and we eagerly anticipate the possibility of delivering positive news.

Benefits for Reviewers

Earn ₹75 to ₹500 Per Review

Quarterly Awards for Best Reviewers

Bonus on Completing Milestones

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